Wellness Spa


Wellness from inside out, more than skin-deep beauty care
Our Wellness Spa is a place of pampering and healing, where people can retreat from everyday life, tune into their inner rhythms and relax mind and body. A wide range of established Ayurvedic healing mind/body therapies such as Ayurvedic facials, Abhyanga massage, Head massage & Shiro-Dhara, Herbal body wraps, Foot massage & bath, Aroma therapy, Marma therapy and Music therapy which will assist in removing mental, emotional and physical toxins, and help in rejuvenating and nourishing body and soul.
  • Your healing experience starts with a consult by an expert Ayurvedic doctor.
  • All your treatments are done by a team of well-trained practitioners.
  • We maintain high standards of service, cleanliness, and professionalism.
  • Soothing Music & Pleasing Aromas are used during all treatments.
At our Spa, our most popular services are:
Abhyanga & Shirodhara – Relaxing & rejuvenating full body massage followed by calming stream of warm herbal oil poured on forehead.
First head, neck & shoulder massage is done in sitting position. Then in lying down position, full body massage and detailed massage of face& neck is done. Then a steady stream of warm herbal oil is poured on forehead. It increases vitality, rejuvenates whole body, relaxes mind, beautifies skin & reduces sleep problems, fatigue, stress & toxins.
90 min – 120 min
Shirodhara – Relaxing & calming by stream of warm herbal oil /decoction/ milk/ buttermilk poured on forehead.
First head, neck & shoulder massage is done in sitting position with warm herbal oil. Then detailed massage of face & neck is done in lying down position. Then a steady stream of warm herbal oil /decoction /milk /buttermilk is poured on forehead. It rejuvenates all senses, relaxes mind & nervous system, benefits hair & reduces stress, anxiety, tension, & sleep problems.
30 min – 45 min
Abhyanga – Relaxing & rejuvenating full body massage with warm herbal oil
First head, neck & shoulder massage is done in sitting position. Then full body massage in lying down position. It increases vitality, rejuvenates whole body, beautifies skin and reduces fatigue & toxins.
60 min – 90 min
Udvartana – Weight loss Massage.
A herbal paste or powder is applied & massaged all over body. It reduces weight, removes cellulite, tones muscles, cleanses skin & improves complexion.
30 min – 45 min
Navara Kizhi – Anti-Aging & Rejuvenation Massage.
Special rice is cooked with herbs & tied in cloth bags. These bags are dipped in warm herbal milk and massaged all over body. It gives an instant glow to your skin and cleanses the skin by removing dead cells.
60 min – 90 min
Pizhichil – Body Toning Massage.
Continuous stream of medicated oil / milk is poured on body & gently massaged. It is very soothing & relaxing. It rejuvenates, strengthens and tones body. It reduces fatigue and improves immunity.
60 min – 90 min
Ayurvedic Treatment Packages
We also do: Panchakarma including Virechan, Basti, Nasya & treatments like Swedan, Netra-basti, Kati-basti, Janu-basti etc.
Wellness Facial
This unique treatment blends European facial and massage techniques with the pureness of Ayurvedic products. Your therapist will begin by determining your Dosha, and the specific needs of your skin. Your facial and products will then be customized for you. Deep exfoliation and massage movements will improve your skin’s circulation and brightness. Includes cleansing, toning, exfoliating and moisturizing. Ayurvedic natural and fresh skin-care products are used to treat the cause of aging, blemishes, and wrinkles found in the deepest layers of the skin and to create a trans-formative experience of the face.
Soothing Foot Bath
Unwind with hot tea and an herbal foot soak. Your feet will be exfoliated with a warm natural salt scrub. An Ayurvedic moisturizer and warm paraffin will help in soften even the toughest skin. Sit back and enjoy the gentle foot massage which will help to relieve the stress of the day and aid circulation.
Skin Care Products
Each person is a unique individual and so are their skincare needs. We recognize this individuality at the Ayurvedic Wellness Spa, and know that the skin care regime that is right for one person may not produce results for the next. We have chosen skincare products that are Ayurvedic based and Dosha specific. These products are rich in nutrients derived from herbs, plants and floral extracts – which will help in keeping your skin and body healthy.
Individual Wellness Coaching
Our Natural Wellness Spa greatly emphasizes the wellness coaching of ongoing self care through various personalized wellness workshops about healing routines of Ayurveda, Yoga and Nutrition. These will include daily routines, seasonal routines, meditation, yoga, Pranayama breathing techniques, skin care, diet and nutrition. Only through a combination of learning, experience and on-going practice can we promote lasting benefits for a lifetime of health, vitality and well-being.
Spa is open everyday by appointment. Our selection of spa and beauty therapies is extensive.
For more information, please check out the FAQs page.