I am 47 years old and I developed a major illness 5 years ago a type of inflammatory arthritis. I had already tried all the usual medical treatments, which helped some but had a lot of side effects and weren’t really getting at the underlying causes (I was not getting healed). I came to Dr. Shanbhag after trying many things. He has helped me tremendously over the past two and a half years. Since I am a medical doctor myself, it wasn’t easy to accept that the traditional ideas and treatments were not working for me. Now I realize that traditional medicine has definite limitations, especially in the area of chronic illness and pain. Dr. Shanbhag uses an entirely different view of illness and healing. It’s very holistic and sensible and aimed at balancing out various parts of our functioning. He uses detoxification treatments, herbal supplements, special diets based on body type, yoga and meditation and other natural type treatments. I can’t thank Dr. Shanbhag enough. He has given me my life back.
Susan Clark, MD

I recently experienced a recurrence of a health issue …Over the course of a few months, I lost about 30 pounds from my already slim frame. I had multiple bouts of vomiting daily and a dramatic loss of energy and ability to focus. Dr. Shanbhag recommended not only a variety of supportive herbs, but a plan of very modest lifestyle considerations regarding my diet, physical activity, and meditation. These included such simple changes as eating quietly and without distraction, and chewing fennel seeds after eating. They have been easy to implement. I do not feel deprived, and in fact the enormous physical relief I am feeling make it easy to sustain the changes. My symptoms have dramatically reduced in just a matter of weeks. I am improving daily. And aside from the physical improvement, I am so happy to be reminded of the benefits (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) of working gently with my system to find its own balance. I am so grateful to Dr. Shanbhag and for the support of ayurveda.

…I am a trial lawyer… I assumed that the stiffness in my joints and aches and pains throughout my body, the occasional stress fracture in my foot and my increasingly less effective digestion were all signs of age. There is no turning back after all, and I would just have to put up with these things. On the recommendation of a friend I took my chronic complaints to Dr. Shanbhag. He put me on the regime of Ayurvedic remedies and health practices. Vitamin and mineral supplements, exercise and Pancha Karma massages. In a matter of weeks all my complaints had diminished and in just a few months everything I had accepted as part of my aging process had disappeared. Dr. Shanbhag has the expertise and knowledge to help anyone willing to follow his advice. Ayurvedic medicine has ancient roots. Now, instead of getting temporary relief from synthetic painkillers manufactured in the last six months, I rely on an effective form of health care that has been around for at least the last fifty centuries. I recommend Dr. Shanbhag’s clinic to everyone.
Cathy Cruikshank, Trial Lawyer

I have been using the services of Ayurvedic Physician, Dr. Shanbhag, for almost 5 years now. When I first started, I knew that having a cold or similar symptom of cold every 6-8 weeks was not just a “viral illness” and I certainly got a little tired of being told to just get sleep. In addition I was exhausted, had sinusitis and allergies. I didn’t want steroids and antibiotics; and I knew that my life was out of balance in many ways. Within 2-4 months, I was able to change my hectic schedule with Ayurvedic support. Taking prescribed Ayurvedic Medicine not only improved my energy but also relieved my allergies, low mood and sinusitis. I occasionally have symptoms of allergies but have had fewer upper respiratory infections and little sinusitis ever since. I do believe that every life needs to be balanced and Ayurvedic medicine helps tremendously to effect that goal. I often refer my own patients to be seen by Dr. Shanbhag, I feel strongly that both acute and chronic diseases can be treated. I’m a solid proponent of Ayurvedic Medicine.
Paula West, MD