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Wellness Spa

Enjoy a relaxing & rejuvenating full body massage with warm herbal oil at our clinic’s wellness spa
First head, neck & shoulder massage is done. Then full body massage in lying down position. It increases vitality, rejuvenates whole body, beautifies skin and reduces fatigue & toxins.
Regular Cost: $180 for 60 minutes, after professional courtesy discount: $130 for 60 minutes
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Natural Medicine & Ayurveda Clinic, Academy, & Wellness Spa Presents:

Dr. Prasad Kaipa

on Thursday, May 10th 7 – 8 pm  leading a discussion on:

AI or BI? What is the difference and how do we leverage both to become conscious leaders?

This is a FREE event, so please RSVP by May 5th as spaces are limited, Call 408-320-2434 to confirm your registration

A I or artificial intelligence is dominating the technology direction today. Autonomous cars, automated homes and intelligent agents like Siri, Alexa, Cortana are upon us now and will take over our lives soon. Many of the jobs that require functional skills will probably be done by robots and even areas that require business skills are going to be supported by Intelligent analysis software. If so, what does future offer for human beings?
B I or biological intelligence is what we come with into the world. It is not unique to humans and many biological organism including trees, bees and animal kingdom know how to use intelligence to not only survive but thrive.
What can we learn about our BI that we have not paid attention to so far? First, intelligence is not the same as Intellect. Intellect is rational, logical and pattern based and is the basis for AI. Intelligence is beyond intellect because it brings dynamic and conscious dimensions to it and includes instinctive, emotional and intuitive intelligences beyond the rational and logical.
Similarly Biological intelligence can provide direction for AI to integrate BI so that it becomes more compassionate and wise. But do you think AI will ever be wise? Ethical?
BI is grounded in spirituality and Vedanta has a lot to teach about it. In this talk, we will discuss what we can learn about BI from wellness, wisdom and joy perspectives.